Consulting is all about people. At ARC Specialties Consulting Division, our staff combines experienced engineers and associates with the resources of ARC Specialties lab.

ARC Consultants will provide you with excellent welding automation consultation and provide quality lab testing to advance your project on a path towards success.more


ARC Specialties Consulting Division is backed by the array of testing capabilities and automation equipment available in ARC's R&D Lab. Our consultants utilize ARC's lab to verify projcet requirements, qualify welds, and create proofs of concepts.

The R&D Lab includes:

  • ARC-05P PLC Hot Wire GTAW Cladding System
  • ARC-06 CNC PTAW Hardfacing System
  • ABB and Fanuc Robots
  • Single and Tandem Wire SAW System

Every project requires dependable testing. ARC Specialties Consulting Division provides extensive in-house testing capabilities that you can rely on.

Our testing services include:

  • Rockwell Hardness Testing
  • Weld Quality Analysis
  • Fatique Testing
  • Tensile Strength Testing
  • Macroscopic Examination
  • Diamond Cut-Off
  • Mounting Press
  • Polishing Equipment