Transocean decided to partner with FANUC’s Authorized System Integrator, ARC Specialties, to design an automated solution to handle the drilling riser connections, which was the most labor-intensive operation. Before automation, this hazardous job required team members to carry heavy bolts and use brute force to manipulate torque wrenches for each bolt on the riser.

By partnering with ARC Specialties, Transocean has successfully implemented a robotic solution that keeps their workers out of hazardous red zones and improves the overall safety onsite. The two FANUC M-900iB/280 FoundryPro robots offer enhanced rigidity for superior precision even in tough environments; unlocking maximum efficiency gains by allowing team members to focus on different tasks!


ARC Specialties furnishes one-of-a-kind machinery that utilizes our unique experience and knowledge. From the original specification, to the delivery and setup of a custom system, ARC Specialties works to generate excellent products that meet and exceed production needs. Our experience includes metal welding and cutting applications, material handling, pick-and-place machinery, and test equipment. ARC Specialties designs machinery that transforms your manufacturing process into a high-quality, high-production, and high-profit operation.


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Our knowledgeable team is available to assist you with your manufacturing process. We serve several industries including consumer, defense, oil & gas, and research, making our diverse expertise beneficial to your most challenging automation needs.

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