In April ARC Specialties committed to the September 2021 Fabtech tradeshow in Chicago. We did not know what to expect. Would the show be canceled, would anyone attend? Watch the video below for my AAR. Spoiler: we were relieved that the show DID go on. And pleasantly surprised by the number of attendees.

We met a bunch of new people from several different countries. Without exception, they had real projects which fit our skill set. Travel in covid times is a hassle so everyone who attended had a reason to.

Trade shows work to connect people and solve problems. We stopped by some of our partner’s booths to get their perspectives.

Matt Cable with Weld Tooling Corporation (Bug-O Systems) and I are collaborating on a new pipe system.

Gary Kowalski our tech rep with FANUC America Corporation took time to chat.

Jenny Gardner with ABB robotics emphasized how important it is to be present at these shows.

Tom McElligott spoke with us and demoed the latest ATI Industrial Automation material removal equipment.

Cameron Serles our arc video monitoring partner Xiris Automation Inc. joined in too.

Johnny Tyler created the best ARC booth ever and managed to put us front and center in the hall.

ARC Specialties thrives on problems, send us yours!