I have been an entrepreneur since 1983. Historically 90% of start-ups fail. I have yet to bankrupt one (knock on wood). People ask me how I did it. So we are going to do a series on Dan’s Business Secrets or Dan’s BS for short.

Since I learn from others I will have numerous guests on the podcast. I will host experts on leadership, banking, insurance, law, technology, and even how to buy electricity. All of them are both friends and mentors. They will share with you the same things they taught me.

But this first episode is my laundry list, stream of consciousness catalog of topics that I plan on exploring in future episodes.

I hope you enjoy it. When you are 64 years old I hope you will have as many good memories of struggles, successes, and failures as I have.

ARC Specialties thrives on problems, send us yours!

– Dan Allford