Fanuc Robotics

ARC Specialties is an Authorized Automation Systems Integrator for FANUC Robotics.  This alliance capitalizes on the motion control abilities of FANUC and ARC’s reputation of designing and building robust automated solutions to improve quality, throughput, and productivity for manufacturers worldwide.  ARC Specialties is recognized by FANUC Robotics for ARC’s core group of highly experienced engineers and robotic system designers.


What we do:

  • Welding (GTAW, GMAW, PTAW, SAW, RSAW, Laser & Ultrasonic)
  • Finishing
  • Inspection
  • Tapping
  • Cutting (Plasma, Abrasive & Flame)
  • Conveying
  • Assembly
  • Material Handling
  • Material Removal
  • Polishing
  • Machine Vision
  • Pressure & Decay Testing
  • Vacuum Testing
  • Machine Tending