Last week, Nicholas Augustine needed an aluminum encoder adaptor for an automated ultrasonic inspection system he was rebuilding*. It was late on a Friday, and the ARC Specialties machine shop was busy. Keep his project on schedule Nick needed the part to test his machine on Monday.

Nick has been a project manager at ARC for nearly 20 years. At home, his hobby is, you guessed it, building machines. To expedite his ARC project, he machined the adaptor at home, on his CNC mill, and lathe that he retrofitted. He made the adaptor over the weekend and installed it on Monday.

The ARC team is a very formidable group. With people like Nick, how can I lose?

*On occasion, for good customers, we will rebuild failed systems built by unqualified integrators.

Another reason to look for the Association for Advancing Automation

 Certified Integrator stamp before you buy robots. See: