Gary Konarska II

Executive Director & CEO – American Welding Society

Biography & Abstract

Gary Konarska is currently the Executive Director & CEO of the American Welding Society (AWS). He has spent more than 20 years in the welding and automation industry, most recently working for The Lincoln Electric Company, where he held roles such as Vice President – Global Automation, Managing Director – South East Asia, Korea, & Taiwan (based in Singapore), and Director – Business Development (based in Shanghai, China). Throughout his career he has focused on sales, strategic planning, international business, and fostered relationships among highly diverse teams.

I Want to Automate — Where do I start?

Hardly a day goes by where you do not see the word “Automation” at some point. Whether it is ordering through a kiosk at your favorite burger joint, scheduling the Roomba to sweep up the dog hair, or automatically sending follow-up emails to an email marketing campaign — automation is everywhere. But what if you look out at your workshop and you have not started automating yet? You know that you want to automate — but where do you start? This session will focus on a practical approach to implementing automation to the welding process. It will start with the most simple forms of automation and finish with complex solutions for those that have already started their automation journey.