Nathan Sumrall

Welding Engineer – Superior Cladding & Fabrication Specialties

Biography & Abstract

Nathan is a purpose-driven and goal-oriented Welding Engineer that bridges the gap between practical welding and the science behind it. He holds a B.S. degree in Materials Joining Engineering from LeTourneau University and is currently working as the primary Welding Engineer at Superior Cladding, LLC.

Skills and Specialties:
– Joining process research and development
– Non-destructive and destructive evaluation methods
– Designing and drafting tooling for joining processes
– Cladding procedures and processes.
– WPS’s, PQR’s, and WPQR’s for GTAW-Pulse, SAW and FCAW
– Joining Procedures for brazing, soldering, transient liquid phase, diffusion bonding, sintering
– Weld shop layouts

Welding in the Rough: An exploration into complex welding qualifications

As welding requirements develop, customers’ understanding dwindles. Now more than ever, welding qualifications are plagued by requirements that are arbitrarily applied, poorly referenced, or both. This discussion will cover a modern approach to qualify welding procedures that meets multiple codes, how to document it, and how to present that information so it benefits both the reviewer and the welder as a whole.