Additive Manufacturing (AM) with Aluminum

We have received requests for aluminum AM parts. Last week we developed the technology to build 3D aluminum parts using a FANUC America Corporation robot and a Lincoln Electric R350 Power Wave with Advanced Module running in AC pulse mode.

As we refined the process parameters we were pleasantly surprised to find that the best results coincided with higher wire and travel speeds. As productivity increased so did build quality. My professor once taught me that a small weld puddle has sufficient surface tension to negate the force of gravity. He was right. We are able to build horizontal just as well as vertical!

After welding & motion control the final piece of the AM puzzle is programming. We are working with Gregory Culp and the Robotmaster team to slice cad models and generate torch path and orientation to build complex 3D parts. Being able to build horizontal complicates programming but greatly expands feature build capacity.

The build parts have passed Liquid Penetrant (LP), side and face bend tests. UTS and YS, R of A and %Elong are typical for 5356 alloys.

If you have an aluminum part you would like to build with AM, contact me.


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Dan Allford