ARC Specialties: C&J Cladding Testimonial

An exterior finishing system intended to protect an underlying structure from elemental infiltration while imparting an aesthetically pleasing finish, cladding provides corrosion resistance for vital infrastructure. C&J Cladding in Houston has a quarter century’s worth of expertise in delivering exceptional cladding products for the subsea oil & gas, surface oil & gas, petrochemical & refining, space exploration, military-naval, mining, forging die repair & cladding and crankshaft sectors. Their commitment to unparalleled quality has resulted in each of C&J’s locations’ quality management systems achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification. Further, their processes are developed to meet a mix of customer requirements, providing highly technical services that go beyond ISO standards to meet and exceed exacting client specifications and expectations.

To ensure their cladding processes deliver precise results, they must rely on superior equipment to get the job done. For 25 years. C&J has turned to ARC Specialties for equipment that streamlines and automates processes while eliminating variables that can inhibit precision. Building machines for companies in 21 countries and a variety of industries, ARC Specialties furnishes one-of-a-kind machinery, generating excellent products that meet and exceed production needs and customer expectancies. Watch this video to learn why C&J Cladding relies solely on ARC Specialties, their automation integrator of choice.