ARC Specialties Holds Class on Submerged Arc Welding

On September 10, 2019, at the weldingAcademy hosted by Bohler Welding in Sugar Land, Texas, ARC Specialties delivered a course on Submerged Arc Welding (SAW). The program was organized into three sections by Dave Hebble, ARC Specialties Technical Services Manager: Welding Process, Process Variations, and Wire / Flux Selection.

Although this process has been around for 80 years, SAW is still one of the most misunderstood welding processes. Dave began this class by discussing how this process works and how changes in welding parameters affect the shape of the weld bead. He dove into the influence of the welding current, welding voltage, travel speed, wire size, and wire extension.

View the presentation here!

Dave then discusses the common process variations: single wire, twin wire, tandem, multiple electrodes, one-sided welding, narrow gap welding, and electroslag strip overlay. By providing a recap of each process, he explains their details and different applications.

The class ended with wire and flux selection. With so many wires and fluxes available, it can be difficult to make the correct material selection. Dave discussed the selection criteria to help narrow your choices: application, parent metal chemistry match, weld performance, mechanical properties, AWS classification, code requirements, and third-party witness (ABS or DNV).

ARC Specialties is proud to share their knowledge of SAW and help welders expand their skills in the field. From the original specification, to the delivery and setup of a custom system, ARC Specialties works to generate excellent products that meet and exceed production needs. Our experience includes metal welding and cutting applications, material handling, pick-and-place machinery, and test equipment. ARC Specialties designs machinery that transforms your manufacturing process into a high-quality, high-production, and high-profit operation. To learn more about our services, click here.