ARC Specialties | Robotic Drill & Tap System with Automatic Part Registration

Drill and Tap

ARC Specialties features a robotic drill & tap system with automatic part registration. The process occurs in 5 stages. In stage 1, the part is randomly placed near the robot, a Fanuc Robot with ARC software integrated. A Renishaw touch probe is used for automatic part registration, and then probing begins. Stage 2 is the drilling stage. Here a custom drilling spindle is used to drill the hole pattern. During the inspection stage, the FARO coordinate measuring machine confirms hole pattern and placement accuracy. This machine features an advanced user interface that streamlines and simplifies registration and machining. Tapping is stage 4, and in this stage, a floating tap performs the tapping operation using the robot’s 6th axes. And finally, in stage 5, the Vermont Gage Go/NoGo Thread Gage inspects the tapped hole for accuracy.

This innovative approach allows robots to replace machine tool operations with increased flexibility and reduced cost. Integrated solutions by ARC specialties are the product of our unique experience and commitment to excellence.