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Plasma University

Plasma welding is a wonderful process for welding automation. Plasma torches protect the tungsten, collimate or focus the arc plus allow to use powdered filler materials rather than just wires. These features make plasma the welding process of choice for overlay and joining in many applications. But it is not widely understood and not taught in depth in schools. I was fortunate to have several excellent mentors Chip ArataRod Webber, and Dave Hebble who taught me the nuances of the process.

When we build and install plasma welding systems we are asked to teach the process to operators and engineers. I developed this 1-hour class and have presented it to my customers in the US and around the world. We decided to video Plasma University and post it. Watch the class, successfully complete the quiz, and we will send a certificate!


Our plan is to add other processes and other classes, tell us what you are interested in seeing in the future.