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Superior Cladding and ARC Specialties: Forging Partnerships and Infrastructure

The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) estimates that corrosion costs $2.5 trillion to the global economy, or roughly 3.4% of the world’s GDP, with $1.372 billion attributable to the oil and gas production industry. In 2017, the U.S. produced 14.72 million barrels per day, surpassing Russia’s 11.3 million and Saudi Arabia’s 9.96 million barrels per day. As America’s pipelines continue to flow and develop, corrosion becomes increasingly challenging and costly, and the need for corrosion-resistant piping becomes more imperative.

Nobody knows this more than Superior Cladding. As a leading provider of cladding products for the oil and gas and other industries, Superior Cladding boasts 35 years of expertise, onsite welding engineering, and the industry’s best welding systems. Based out of Houston, Texas, the company provides corrosion-resistant or hard facing cladding overlays to safeguard vital infrastructure, protecting surfaces from corrosion, impact and wear, prolonging component life expectancy while resulting in fewer replacements and repairs. To meet exacting industry expectations such as ASME Section IX, DNV-E101, NACE MR0175, and API: 6A, 16A, 17D, the equipment they use to apply their precision welded cladding solutions must be accurate, flexible, easy to use and extremely robust.

From day one, Superior Cladding has turned to ARC Specialties for their robotic welding equipment needs for three simple reasons: (1) ARC custom builds their own equipment; (2) ARC is an equal parts hardware and software company; and (3) the user-friendly completely automated or manually operated precision control that ARC equipment delivers. Watch this video to see why welding engineer Nathan Sumrall at Superior Cladding states that “the products and equipment that ARC Specialties makes are not useful at this company…they are VITAL!”


Machine Application

The ARC 11D-80 is a servo drilling system with both the power and precision necessary to make the process of drilling multiple holes into a pipe extremely efficient. The machine features a series of 80 spindles and motors, each individually controlled and monitored for speed and torque, boasting the capability to drill a pipe 80 times in a matter of seconds

Pipe & Spindle Features

Precisely rotated by 40 servo-controlled spindles reaching speeds up to 4000rpm, the ARC 11D-80 can support pipes up to 41’ in length and 9.5” in diameter. With a drill bit capacity ranging from 5/16” to 1/2”, the 11D-80 is able to pierce through pipe walls up to 1/2″ in thickness to generate holes of varying sizes and patterns (spiral & diamond). Providing vital user-feedback of any power or speed irregularities, an advanced HMI delivers maximum control, allowing users to manipulate parameters to achieve diverse results and make individual adjustments to maintain the consistency of the drilling pattern for desired product outcome.

Cooling System, Reservoir & Chip Conveyor

An integrated cooling system helps keep the drill bits from overheating, ensuring job consistency and quality. The robust cooling mechanism can pump up to 175 gallons of coolant per minute at 45psi while providing users the ability to slow the cooling motor down and lower volumes to desired levels.

A chip conveyor ensures a clean work station by catching and washing away drill chips as the system runs its course. The 12” wide, 45’ long conveyor belt features a 60° incline to carry the chips to a cooling reservoir where they are separated from the coolant to be re-used during the drilling process. The ‘dam-like’ reservoir layout ensures that the drill bits are properly captured, and the coolant is clean of any drilling residue.

Watch: ARC Specialties on Texas Business Radio 

Texas Business Radio discusses robot integration with Dan Allford, president of ARC Specialties. Allford discusses ways companies are turning to automation for specific problems in order to remain competitive. Through automating “dirty job”,  employees are given new opportunities to move upmarket and become more valuable. ARC Specialties targets projects that can gain substantial value from automation. Analyzing processes from the beginning to end and offering unique solutions for automation, ARC provides turn-key installations and is a one-stop shop for robotic automation. Visit for more information.

“Last Friday” Lunch December 2018: Fun, Food, Festivities Galore

Each month, ARC Specialties hosts a “First Friday” Lunch. These gatherings allow the ARC team and our partners and suppliers to come together on a monthly basis, providing a unique setting to network, learn more about each other and our roles within and outside the company, while sharing a great meal. With 2018 and the holiday season coming to a close, ARC Specialties’ December 2018 “Last Friday” Lunch was uniquely special, offering a lunch and learn experience with a fun, festive twist.

Held Friday, December 7, this month’s luncheon featured a compelling presentation, a guest speaker, and even an awards ceremony. Our very own Chris Dill explained the diverse capabilities of the ARC-2500s screen gap measurement device. Featured guest speaker, Alan McCallum, President of FSAE, discussed the mission and goals of the organization, and how important the FSAE program is for students, furthering their education while providing real-life engineering experience. And to top the afternoon off, Mr. McCallum awarded our President, Dan Allford, with a partnership plaque that recognizes ARC Specialties’ contributions and sponsorships of the organization’s student teams. It was a great event, the ideal venue to share in the holiday spirit while eating some fabulous food.

At ARC Specialties, we foster a culture of engagement, involvement, collaboration, and learning to provide one-of-a-kind machinery to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our diverse team of employees span the spectrum of mechanical, technical, and sales expertise, providing unfathomable potential that is only limited by our imagination. In fact, our employees are our greatest strength. Our monthly “First Friday Lunch” is a thank you to our team and partners, a way for the company to congregate as a whole, and embrace the aspect of togetherness, knowledge, and teamwork on a regular basis.


While some give thanks for their families, their health, the food on their plates, their businesses, and their clients on Thanksgiving Day, there are those that are also thankful for beer. This past Thanksgiving holiday, ARC Specialties had the chance to express their appreciation for each of those things at Tube Supply’s 2018 Thanksgiving Open House.

Tube Supply, a provider of steel tubular and bar products for the oil and gas industry, hosted a spectacular holiday open house, and ARC Specialties was honored to be a part of the festivities. Guests, employees, and hosts all mingled together, witnessing some of the factory’s machinery at work, spreading the holiday spirit while enjoying delicious food, participating in gift raffles, and more—including free beer!

But this wasn’t just any beer…it was beer served by a robotic bartender.

NAME: BeerBot


MFG DATE: 2018

MISSION: Serve beer

RESULTS: Subjects shocked and awed by BeerBot’s capabilities; quenched by free beer!

The team in the ARC Specialties booth had a blast acting as bar-backs while friendly bartender, BeerBot, served up cold brews. BeerBot’s versatile mobility and flexible programmability wowed the crowds, leaving many wondering whether they should add a robotic bartender to their Christmas list this year. But Jim and Chris from the ARC team were on hand, educating the open house attendees on BeerBot’s true origins, cutting-edge (literally) capabilities, and its exciting potential in a wide array of industrial applications. If you didn’t get to attend or didn’t have the opportunity to stop by the ARC booth at Tube Supply’s Thanksgiving soiree, here is the full story behind BeerBot.

BeerBot is an UR collaborative robot, and its actual name is SnapCut. SnapCut is a multi-axis arm designed to cut pre-programmed and customizable shapes into three-dimensional, structural-steel components using a Hypertherm cutting torch. Whether you’re a welder, a robot operator, or neither, SnapCut is easy to work—operators simply select a shape from the parametric programming interface, move the cutting torch to a few locations on the cutting surface, hit run, and SnapCut blazes on. To watch this torch-wielding bar bot at work, check out this video.

ARC Specialties is grateful to have been a part of Tube Supply’s 2018 Thanksgiving Open House and to meet with the countless industry professionals and guests that attended. And we were particularly pleased to donate the services of BeerBot/SnapCut to the evening’s entertainment. If you would like to learn more about SnapCut’s precision welding capabilities, contact us today to speak with one of ARC’s knowledgeable specialists.

FABTECH 2018: Highlights and Gratitude

FABTECH 2018 was held in Atlanta, Georgia, earlier this month, and Arc Specialties is proud to have been a part of this important event serving the metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing industries. We met dozens of colleagues and gained valuable insight into many cutting-edge concepts of value to our company.

In addition, Arc Specialties had a chance to display some of our own exciting innovations. We had the Tool Joint Robot on hand to demonstrate how a turnkey robotic system provides automation for a diversity of tasks from welding, material handling, and post-weld inspection, to vision-guided part picking and marking.

We also proudly demonstrated our ARC05HVT 2500, which performed live clad overlay welding of Inconel 680 & Inconel 625. It was an exciting opportunity to connect with other professionals who are making their mark in the industry. As one of 1,500 exhibitors, Arc Specialties was able to interact with future partners and others in-the-know as part of North America’s largest event of this type.

In keeping with our vision for a bright future for manufacturing solutions, Arc Specialties appreciates opportunities to attend such shows, and we are eternally grateful to those who stopped by our booth and took a moment to connect with us. We hope to see you again soon!

R&D Is the Heart and Soul of ARC Specialties

Strong R&D departments are at the core of strong companies, learning and advancing new technologies to accelerate and automate processes that help in product creation and to improve existing goods without sacrificing quality. ARC Specialties’ Technical Services R&D Lab is the optimum breeding ground for this kind of innovation, providing the tools and space necessary to inspire and analyze solutions while offering ARC clients the opportunity to substantiate processes prior to purchasing and witness potential automation opportunities to improve their operations.

Faster Cladding

Capable of depositing material at a rate of only two to three pounds per hour, the speed of typical cladding machines is often considered too cumbersome for busy companies. Precisely engineered for high-speed cladding, ARC Specialties new cladding systems—the ARC-5i, ARC-5PL, ARC-5XP, and ARC-5HVT—deposit material at eight pounds per hour. Three to four times faster than older, slower systems, multiple welding torches and wire feeds are not needed to increase deposition rates, reducing the complexity of the system and making it easier for operators to dial-in or troubleshoot.

Relying on servo motor motion to achieve a steady, uniform bead, ARC Specialties cladding solutions maintain constant welding bead placement and deposit thickness at both low and high speeds. Featuring a cutting-edge design that uses Inconel® 625 alloy, a highly corrosion-resistant nickel alloy containing chromium and molybdenum originally designed for joining applications in higher-strength steels, for its welds. With deposits of less than 5% iron, the alloy 680 wire produces a corrosion-resistant overlay with hither tensile strength and a higher hardness than the traditional standard Inconel 625.

Faster Machining with Plasma

Used for years in applications such as tool joint refurbishing, coal crusher refurbishing, weld joint preparation, and pre machining material removal, ARC Specialties is advancing the use of plasma gouging in the manufacturing environment, further cementing their place at the forefront of technology. Plasma gouging provides consistent grooves at faster operating speeds, while removing material much faster than traditional machining—25 to 100 pounds per hour—with less time spent on primary or secondary grinding work.

ARC R&D Contributes to National R&D

With at least one active R&D project running at all times for nearly forty years, ARC Specialties has an unswerving focus on research and development. ARC Specialties Technical Services R&D lab includes cladding machines, robots, multiple submerged arc welding machines, and a CNC controlled machine, providing the capability to weld almost any process. And ARC’s project expertise and equipment is sought out by a variety of customers, including the defense department and even for some of the nation’s national laboratories.

ARC Specialties furnishes one-of-a-kind machinery created through decades of R&D. It is this ongoing commitment to advancing design through R&D that has allowed ARC to consistently design the kind of machinery that transforms manufacturing processes into high-quality, high-production, high-profit operations. To learn more about ARC Specialties’ latest advancements, visit today!

Come Visit ARC Specialties at FABTECH 2018

FABTECH 2018 is coming to Atlanta, Georgia, from November 6-8, and Arc Specialties is excited to be participating. FABTECH is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event. With over 65,000 square feet of exhibit space, housing more than 35,000 attendees and 1,500 exhibitors, it is the premier event for networking and staying abreast of trends in the industry. More than 130 educational sessions are available with targeted technical, operational, economic, and managerial topics to enhance your company’s business and production strategies.

New Technologies on Display

Arc Specialties will be showcasing some of its most impressive products at this year’s show.  Tool Joint Robot will demonstrate how a turnkey robotic system can provide automation for a multitude of tasks. The system will use a robot to illustrate welding, material handling, post-weld inspection, vision-guided part picking, and marking.

In addition, the team will showcase the ARC05HVT 2500, a horizontal-vertical tilting cladding machine, to perform live clad overlay welding of Inconel 680 & Inconel 625. SnapWeld and SnapCut will also reveal new technology that allows operators to interact with collaborative robots for easy programming of Mig Welding and Plasma Cutting.

High-Quality Tech to Meet Every Need

ARC Specialties furnishes one-of-a-kind machinery that utilizes unique experience and knowledge, especially in the areas of metal welding and cutting applications, material handling, pick-and-place machinery, and test equipment. ARC Specialties designs machinery that transforms your manufacturing process into a high-quality, high-production, and high-profit operation. The company is honored to participate in FABTECH 2018, an event in which the industry comes together to see what’s now, what’s new, and what’s next. Stop by Booth #C13462 and take a moment to get to know the team and see all that Arc Specialties brings to this growing industry.

Learn more here about the customizable solutions that Arc Specialties can offer your company!

ARC Specialties Robotic Welding for the Defense Industry

The defense industry is a demanding sector of the economy that constantly explores and expands the boundaries of engineering designs and high-precision manufacturing technologies.  Advanced robotic welding has become a necessity to meet the strict requirements for precision parts with extremely tight tolerances. ARC Specialties is a leader in automated welding technology with a line of robotic welding solutions designed to meet these exacting defense industry guidelines.

The global aerospace and defense industry continue to strengthen as demands for heightened security and growing defense budgets are driving industry expansion. Advancement in defense technologies is a key part of the success of the defense sector. Innovative precision welding techniques play an important role as engineering designs require parts with enhanced material properties and tight tolerance requirements that leave no margin for error. 

To keep pace with the demands of the defense industry, new welding and automation techniques have been developed, and old welding techniques have been improved.

Friction Stir Plating

Friction stir plating is a cutting-edge technology to conduct plating repair without the need for toxic chemicals. This means high strength aircraft components can be repaired in situ with robotic welding. Prior to this development, disassembly was required and replating was done with the use of toxic chemicals resulting in a lengthy repair process with elevated safety risks.

Metal Additive Manufacturing

One of the game-changing manufacturing techniques is the use of metal rather than plastic. ARC Specialties has the expertise to build precision parts using titanium, steel, stainless steel, chromium, aluminum, tungsten, and molybdenum-rhenium alloys.

Buried Arc Welding

Buried arc welding is not a new technique for material joining, but when this process is enhanced with precision motion control, the results are dramatic. When performing buried arc welding of aluminum, robotic welding technology can reduce the number of passes tenfold and increase weld deposition by 400%.

Full Penetration Welding

Rocket engines are another defense industry technology must be manufactured to exacting specifications. By utilizing the stable properties of inert gas to conduct full penetration welding, defect-free parts can be produced to ensure optimal rocket engine performance.

Robotic Welding

Tactical teams are known for their speed and precision. The welding techniques necessary to manufacture their tactical vehicles must deliver the same. Robotic welding for all suspension components of a single vehicle together on a fixture is a process that facilitates expedited production, minimized inventory, and heightened manufacturing efficiency.

The defense industry relies on robotic welding to manufacture complex parts quickly and with incredible precision. As a leader in automated welding technology and material joining techniques, ARC Specialties has the extensive experience required to meet the strict guidelines for the defense industry. Our team of welding experts work with customers to develop innovative solutions for each specific need.

Learn more about ARC Specialties and our line of robotic welding products here!