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Robots Have Left the Building

Ground engaging wear is inevitable on bulldozers, backhoes, and every other machine which moves rock and dirt. The size and weight of these parts make it costly to send them to a shop for rebuilding. This means that repair welding is often done in the field, by hand. The ARC Specialties SnapWeld Cobot is a game-changer. Since it is portable the ‘bot can go to the field to make repairs and wear-resistant overlays on the parts where they are needed.


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Nihon Binary Visits ARC Specialties

A few weeks ago during the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary weekend, it was ARC Specialties’ distinct pleasure to take our guests, President and Engineers from Nihon Binary, to visit the Johnson Space Center and Mission Control!

Nihon Binary is the largest UR distributor in Japan. The Nihon Team was in Houston to train on their new SnapWeld collaborative UR robotic welding system, which they will soon have ready for demos at Nihon’s headquarters in Tokyo. We wish them success and give them all of our support in our mission to bring SnapWeld to the Japanese market!