Consulting in the Welding World

What is consulting in the welding world? It can be figuring out the requirements of welding codes, training, or even lab testing according to Matt Brinkman, Welding Consultants VP of Operations. Tyler Garland, NDE Technician, adds that safety is critical, as shipping subpar products can create dangerous situations. The team aims to increase weld quality along with durability and cost effectiveness.

Welding Consultants LLC is unique in the welding and quality assurance industry because it is the first organization directed by degreed and licensed welding engineers. ARC Specialties want to produce the best welding equipment in the world, and Welding Consulting works by their side to make that possible.


Welding Consultants LLC, a division of ARC Specialties, strives to provide a full range of quality related services, not limited to the following:

  • Welding Inspection and Nondestructive Examination
  • Mechanical Testing of Welds
  • Procedure and Performance Qualifications
  • Welding Engineering

As a premier welding, engineering, materials testing and inspection company, WC’s engineering efforts are performed by top-of-the-line NDE technicians who are fully trained and qualified to provide these services—and all from a single source. Our team believes in a “Practical Approach to Quality,” and we aim for fast and accurate results at a reasonable cost. One of our goals is to act as fast and efficient problem solvers with a focus on quality and safety.

So, think of your welding or quality-related need as an opportunity to call on the experience and knowledge of WC’s engineers and technicians.