Double Your Output with ARC Specialties New Cladding Systems

Cladding is a key part of corrosion protection in several vital industries. However, most cladding machines can only deposit material at a rate of two or three pounds per hour. For busy companies, this rate is simply too slow and can cause a bottleneck in production schedules. Fortunately, ARC Specialties has introduced four new cladding system models precisely engineered for high speed cladding. All four of these models deposit material at a speedy eight pounds per hour, representing a giant leap beyond older, slower systems.

With traditional systems, the low pound per hour deposition rate is either the result of old equipment design, or the welding procedure itself. The new ARC-5i, ARC-5PL, ARC-5XP, and ARC-5HVT cladding systems solve both of these problems with a cutting edge design that delivers Inconel® welding deposition rates up to eight pounds per hour. Inconel® 625 is the alloy of choice, it is a nickel alloy containing chromium and molybedenum that is highly resistant to corrosion. ARC’s engineering innovations and process development give ARC customers the ability to double or even triple their output with systems specifically engineered for speed, offering higher welding speeds and pre-programmed welding procedures.

ARC Specialties new cladding models are thoughtfully designed to be reliable, functional, and flexible, achieving exceedingly rapid welding speeds without compromising dependability or engineering simplicity. Other companies often add multiple welding torches and multiple wire feeds to increase deposition rates. Unfortunately, this adds to the complexity of the system and can make it very difficult for operators to dial-in or troubleshoot. The new ARC cladding systems keep it simple with a single torch and single wire solution for straightforward operation and maintenance.

ARC Specialties cladding solutions rely on servo motor motion to achieve a steady, uniform bead. Servo motion control sets ARC’s cladding systems apart from the competition, able to maintain constant welding bead placement and deposit thickness at both low and high speeds. In the machine controller, the high-speed motion control is combined with process welding control to synchronize the machine’s startup and shutdown procedures. The touch-screen graphical control unit also allows for simple push-button operation with pre-programmed welding procedures already loaded into the system. Additionally, the tilting capabilities of the ARC-5HVT use gravity to further improve welding speed and bead profile.

Don’t let bottlenecks hinder production deadlines. ARC Specialties’ new cladding solutions deliver Inconel® welding deposits at up to eight pounds per hour, doubling output within the same floor space without sacrificing reliability or usability. Increase efficiency and productivity today—learn more about ARC’s cladding solutions at