Welding Symposium

Tuesday, March 23rd

Join some of our industry’s leading authorities sharing their experience and wisdom pertaining to the betterment of our welding industry.


About the event

It’s time again to come and have a transfer of knowledge into each of you. I will strive to keep you entertained as well as offer valuable industry information you can use on the job every day.

The chosen speakers bring over 200+ years of industry knowledge and experience. They are willing to share this valuable experience with each of you, and your cost remains the same as last time: $0.00


AM Block

Feel free to watch any of the following four presenters in any order you desire. The second set of presenters will be made available 12:00 PM CST with Texas Railroad Commissioner, Christi Craddick, presenting LIVE at 3:00 PM CST. Also dont forget to complete the survey for each presenter, live your questions and comments, and sign-up for PDH Credit Hours.

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