FABTECH 2018: Highlights and Gratitude

FABTECH 2018 was held in Atlanta, Georgia, earlier this month, and Arc Specialties is proud to have been a part of this important event serving the metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing industries. We met dozens of colleagues and gained valuable insight into many cutting-edge concepts of value to our company.

In addition, Arc Specialties had a chance to display some of our own exciting innovations. We had the Tool Joint Robot on hand to demonstrate how a turnkey robotic system provides automation for a diversity of tasks from welding, material handling, and post-weld inspection, to vision-guided part picking and marking.

We also proudly demonstrated our ARC05HVT 2500, which performed live clad overlay welding of Inconel 680 & Inconel 625. It was an exciting opportunity to connect with other professionals who are making their mark in the industry. As one of 1,500 exhibitors, Arc Specialties was able to interact with future partners and others in-the-know as part of North America’s largest event of this type.

In keeping with our vision for a bright future for manufacturing solutions, Arc Specialties appreciates opportunities to attend such shows, and we are eternally grateful to those who stopped by our booth and took a moment to connect with us. We hope to see you again soon!