Simple Ways to Make Your Commercial Property Eco-Friendly

If you’re opening up a new retail unit or business in a commercial property, or you’re upgrading your existing building, you might want to consider making the property as eco-friendly as possible. Not only are you ensuring that your business is fulfilling moral and ethical obligations that more and more businesses will need to adhere to in the future, but you can save money too! Helping the environment doesn’t have to be difficult, and we’ve come up with some simple ways that you can make your commercial property eco-friendlier in the long-term.

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Lighting Options

How you design the lighting system in your commercial property can have a significant impact on its sustainability. Maximize the natural light of a property by designing large, open windows on walls and ceilings to allow light to enter during the day. This can also boost the wellbeing and productivity of your employees, by being exposed to natural light and vitamin D! Using natural light means that you need to plan the commercial property’s routine around the natural daylight cycle. Make your lighting energy-efficient by opting for lighting systems that use less energy and the latest technologies, such as LED bulbs and automatic lighting which relies on sensors.

Consider Waste

Waste is the biggest problem facing businesses of today, whether energy, resource or money wastage. You can transform your problem of waste into a solution, and save money too as a result. Think about making use of excess tap water to water any green areas of the property, and save rain water to flush toilets! All commercial properties should have effective recycling facilities, including food waste which is often forgotten about, but can be crucial for catering companies to become more sustainable. Finally, insulating your property will ensure that heat and light isn’t wasted, and regulates the temperature of your property to match that of the thermostat!

Energy Solutions

If your property benefits from being south-facing, you should make the most of these rays by installing solar panels on the roof of your building. This can help to provide the energy for your property, which means that you can cut back on energy bills while helping the environment. You might even be able to make some extra money too if your property produces more energy than you need, as you can sell this surplus back to energy providers.

This also makes it particularly important to ensure that your property is properly insulated, given that your south-facing windows will help to heat up the inside of the building – and won’t pass back out again through drafts or gaps in the wall.

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, you will find that there are many more simple changes that you can make as you proceed with your business venture – many of which will only become obvious as and when they are needed. Rest assured that adjusting your business to prove that it is helping the future can only do good things for your company.