Recovery Through Commerce


During the last two months of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing shutdown, ARC Specialties has continued to work to build the machines necessary for the critical infrastructure of America.

As I walked through the shop today, I was proud to see my team working on an interesting array of systems.

Most folks think of MIG when they think of robotic welding. At ARC, we consider all welding processes and match the solution to the problem rather than the other way around.

Currently, we are finishing up MIG, TIG, Subarc, resistance, drawn arc stud, laser and plasma welding robots, as well as diamond valve lapping and thermal spray systems. All of these innovative solutions are designed to provide highly tailored growth and success instead of pushing a tired, “one-size-fits-all” approach to unique operational needs.

I suspect that the tough economic environment we currently find ourselves in is the reason we are rebuilding three failed systems that were originally built by others.

We like the work, but we hate to see the customer have to pay twice.

This is yet another reason I am a huge advocate for the Robotic Industries Association Certified Integrator program, which ensures you can be confident an integrator has high-level capabilities regarding delivering safe, reliable and high-quality robotic solutions.

I am happy to report that ARC has not experienced any order cancellations. Our backlog is going up, and America is getting back to work. It’s an exciting time to be doing business, and we’re ready to keep pace.

If you would like to become more efficient and competitive, contact us today.

At ARC Specialties, we thrive on problems. Send us yours!

To view our video please see my recent post on LinkedIn.

Dan Allford, President, ARC Specialties