While some give thanks for their families, their health, the food on their plates, their businesses, and their clients on Thanksgiving Day, there are those that are also thankful for beer. This past Thanksgiving holiday, ARC Specialties had the chance to express their appreciation for each of those things at Tube Supply’s 2018 Thanksgiving Open House.

Tube Supply, a provider of steel tubular and bar products for the oil and gas industry, hosted a spectacular holiday open house, and ARC Specialties was honored to be a part of the festivities. Guests, employees, and hosts all mingled together, witnessing some of the factory’s machinery at work, spreading the holiday spirit while enjoying delicious food, participating in gift raffles, and more—including free beer!

But this wasn’t just any beer…it was beer served by a robotic bartender.

NAME: BeerBot


MFG DATE: 2018

MISSION: Serve beer

RESULTS: Subjects shocked and awed by BeerBot’s capabilities; quenched by free beer!

The team in the ARC Specialties booth had a blast acting as bar-backs while friendly bartender, BeerBot, served up cold brews. BeerBot’s versatile mobility and flexible programmability wowed the crowds, leaving many wondering whether they should add a robotic bartender to their Christmas list this year. But Jim and Chris from the ARC team were on hand, educating the open house attendees on BeerBot’s true origins, cutting-edge (literally) capabilities, and its exciting potential in a wide array of industrial applications. If you didn’t get to attend or didn’t have the opportunity to stop by the ARC booth at Tube Supply’s Thanksgiving soiree, here is the full story behind BeerBot.

BeerBot is an UR collaborative robot, and its actual name is SnapCut. SnapCut is a multi-axis arm designed to cut pre-programmed and customizable shapes into three-dimensional, structural-steel components using a Hypertherm cutting torch. Whether you’re a welder, a robot operator, or neither, SnapCut is easy to work—operators simply select a shape from the parametric programming interface, move the cutting torch to a few locations on the cutting surface, hit run, and SnapCut blazes on. To watch this torch-wielding bar bot at work, check out this video.

ARC Specialties is grateful to have been a part of Tube Supply’s 2018 Thanksgiving Open House and to meet with the countless industry professionals and guests that attended. And we were particularly pleased to donate the services of BeerBot/SnapCut to the evening’s entertainment. If you would like to learn more about SnapCut’s precision welding capabilities, contact us today to speak with one of ARC’s knowledgeable specialists.