Robotic Plasma Cutting

Last year ARC Specialties introduced the collaborative SnapCut plasma cutting robot. The idea was to have a portable magnetic base cutting system which could be placed on or near the part then quickly and accurately cut shapes in places not normally accessible with robots or burning tables. Imagine a magnetic base drill that in addition to round holes is able to cut triangles, squares, bolt circles, slots, bevels on plate and structural shapes like pipe, I beam, channel and square tubes. Since then we have found many other applications for the technology. In this video ARC Specialties Welding Technician Jim Walker generated a cutting program offline to make complex matching cuts on tube and formed parts. The results are outstanding. The fit up is great which makes the subsequent welding operation quick and easy. As always the HyperTherm plasma did a great job making clean cuts. The Universal Robots UR10 running ARC Specialties SnapCut software is easy to operate. Before SnapCut this type of joint was either machined using a 5 axis CNC mill or hand cut and then ground to shape with a disk grinder. We think we have a MUCH better solution. Contact us if you have a 3D cutting problem which you would like solved.

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Dan Allford