Robots in Business

One of my hobbies is teaching. I have been blessed with many great teachers over my life and feel obligated to share what I have learned. I teach kayaking, self-defense, welding, race track driving, and robotics, which is today’s topic.

I was fortunate that the field of industrial robotics started and grew just around the time I graduated in ’79. It has been a wild ride but I would not have missed it for anything.

Terry O’Connell is our partner at MarketScale our B2B marketing company which helps us with all forms of media. Terry offered to make an online training course on Robots in Business. His video team spent two days at ARC shooting the class as well as the robotic systems we had on the floor.

We focus is on how, where, and why robots are used in business. Robots are simply another labor-saving device that is essential for businesses to remain competitive particularly now that we are all part of the global economy.

I talk about history, and applications while Kevin Sevcik gets into the details of the technology which makes it work.

See: and tell me what you think. We are working on additional segments that delve into the technical details.

Next Week: Plasma Welding University
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