How to Keep Your Establishment Hygienic and Safe

The health and wellbeing of employees, learners, visitors, patients or customers are a top priority. Good hygiene and cleanliness standards are essential to the productivity, health and wellbeing of anyone who enters or works in your establishment. Whether you run a day care facility, an office block or a civil office, your space should be clean and hygienic. Here are a few tips on how to ensure your cleaning and sterilization activities are up to par.

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The Basics

Desks, surfaces and counters should be wiped down daily and sterilized throughout the day – especially in times of crisis or state emergencies. COVID-19 has quickly taken over our thoughts on the practices of good hygiene and health. Ablution facilities should be cleaned at least three times a day if they are in areas with high traffic or in a medical facility. Floors should be cleaned twice a day as well as door handles, levers and any other items that are touched regularly.

Hand Sanitizing Solutions

People touch their faces and other objects daily and this is one way that infectious diseases are spread between communities. Combatting this cycle can be done through the use of hand sanitizing solutions such as a handwash station, hand sanitizing stations or solutions. Allowing employees, visitors, clients, learners etc. use a hand sanitizing solution when entering and exiting your establishment can help curb the spread of disease and improve the overall health of a community.

Accessible Tissues and Wipes

In addition to frequent cleaning and sanitizing efforts, place tissues or wipes in strategic points in and around your establishment for people to use and dispose of as needed. Many people who are suffering from the common cold or allergies are always in search of a tissue or a wipe. Ensure you have a covered dirt bin in the same area as the tissues and wipes so that they too can be disposed of safely and hygienically. By providing this simple amenity, the spread of diseases can also be kept at bay.

Signage and Posters

Although you may go out of your way to ensure hygiene and health safety is catered for at your establishment, it helps to gently remind people to make use of products or procedures too. Have professional posters or signage printed out reminding people to sneeze or cough into their elbow or into a tissue and where the hand sanitizing station is. Clear and informative posters or signage is a great way to not only encourage good hygiene practices, but to show that this is a priority in your establishment which can put others at ease.

Another way to ensure that hygiene or sanitization is a priority is to have weekly meetings with your cleaning and operational staff. Gentle reminders on their own hygiene go a long way to build up a culture of safety and hygienic environments. The best way to encourage good hygiene is to set an example. If everyone sees your efforts, they will follow suit.