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At ARC Specialties, we build around three control platforms – robot, CNC and Industrial PCs (IPC).

Our popular ARC-05 family of Gas Tungsten Arc (GTA) Clad Hot Wire welding systems are all based on the Beckhoff Automation IPC, and we have machines running in 32 countries.

That kind of global presence means we need absolute reliability at all time. We can’t afford to fall short of exceeding the standards we’ve established for ourselves – and that our customers have come to expect.

To that end, Richard Lester, our Beckhoff application engineer, and the Beckhoff IPC have provided a successful foundation and pathway toward achieving that goal of absolute reliability.

GTA welding is a harsh application for an IPC due to the high-frequency starter, and the IPC must sample arc voltage arc in the 10-20 VDC range and survive the arc starter on the same circuit operating at 15,000 volts and 1 MHz.

That’s true noise immunity!

In combination with Beckhoff’s single-system approach and commonality of programming, training and use of solutions become simpler than ever before, offering industry-leading resource savings, consistency, reliability, flexibility, modularity and performance.

Superior Cladding provides key corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant overlays for oil and gas industry clients, making reliability paramount.

“Mistakes in this industry are heard about on the news, so our mistakes are unacceptable,” Superior Cladding’s Nathan Sumrall said. “ARC Specialties’ equipment is indispensable because of its consistency. (It) allows us to perform at a very high standard and also with great accuracy with our parts.”

To get a better idea of exactly how the Beckhoff IPC combines with our GTA welding solutions to provide unmatched results, check out the video here, which features Superior Cladding Products and their ARC-05 machines in action.

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