The Engineer & Gentleman We Should All Strive to Be

Ron Whitman, Welding Engineer LeTourneau University 1956 passed away last year and we miss him. He was the most inspiring teacher I have ever known. My success is due in no small part to the knowledge and passion he instilled in me. To honor Ron, we created an endowed scholarship in his name. The American Welding Society matched and administrates the Ron Whitman scholarship which is awarded each year to a LeTourneau University student enrolled in the joining program. Ron wrote the criteria for applicants which stresses hands-on welding skills. You can’t engineer what you can’t do yourself. This year’s recipient is Kendra Murphy a rising Junior. After reading her application, I feel sure that Kendra is precisely the type of student that Ron would have wanted the scholarship to go to. She should be graduating in 2021 and I expect great things from her.

Dan Allford
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