Most Folks Don’t Take the Time…

To write notes when they experience exemplary or poor service. So I was pleased to receive the note below from John Whelan about his experience with Dave Hebble, Michael McDonald, and Wes Wilkerson. My autobiography will be titled “How I Overcame Mediocracy by Surrounding Myself with Exceptional People” 😊

With guys like this on my staff, I can’t lose.

– Dan Allford

Ain’t your Daddy’s Conference Table

Anyone who has visited the executive conference room at ARC Specialties in Houston has seen a constantly changing array of samples on the conference table. The term clutter has been used but I object to that phrasing. These are Show ‘n Tell samples as well as trophies from past projects. ARC Specialties has always been a tech company operated by a formidable crew of passionate engineers and craftsmen. I started ARC in ’83 building machines in my garage. Early in my career, I discovered that if we focus our efforts on making our machines work, then our Profit & Loss statement takes care of itself. This approach has worked for me for nearly 40 years.

The current batch of samples ranges from pipe welds to additive manufacturing. From boron to tungsten. From subterranean rock bits to spacecraft. Every piece represents a successful project, a satisfied client, and a proud ARC project team.

Periodically we clear off the table and archive the parts. So we will be ready to tackle YOUR project.

ARC Specialties thrives on problems, send us yours!