Why Recycling is Important for Manufacturers

There are many benefits of choosing recycling for your manufacturing company, including a greener planet and a better company culture. Here we look at why recycling is so important for manufacturers.

Better for the Planet

Manufacturers must step up and take responsibility for the waste they are producing. If your manufacturing company produces plastic items, this is even more important. Reducing plastic waste and recycling will improve the environment, limiting the amount of waste that is heading to landfill sites across the globe. Recycling also means less energy wasted and less oil consumption, which is all needed to make new materials and produce more plastic. Businesses cannot close their eyes from this and must help to better the planet.

Saves Money

While many manufacturers may be swayed away from recycling due to the myths around it costing more, know that recycling can actually save your business money, which is better for the environment and your bank balance. Joining a recycling program will free up cash for better and more sustainable manufacturing material alternatives and generate cost avoidance.

Joining a recycling scheme that is a single-stream process will allow all recycling materials to go into a single bin, which is then sorted by a waste management company. As landfills continue to become overfilled, prices to get rid of waste will continue to increase, even more so if you create a lot of waste. You could also recycle within your business, such as using shredded paper to create protection for fragile items, rather than purchasing single-use bubble wrap.

Using Recycled Products

Recycling isn’t just about getting rid of your waste. Involving your manufacturing company with both ends of recycling can lead to better contribution to recycling and a better profit margin. For example, printer cartridges, paper and many forms of plastic can all cost less in their recycled forms, meaning you can save money by being more environmentally friendly.

Attracts Custom

The need for manufacturers to begin to re-use and recycle has shown in the market. Many consumers are now looking to manufacturers who recycle and use their own sustainable products or create sustainable packaging. If you want to appeal to the mass market, you must change with the needs and wants of your consumers. As climate change continues to take effect, getting your company behind recycling will only benefit you for years to come.

Better Staff Retention

If you want your staff to know you care about the world you live in, recycling can show you are eco-friendly and conscious about your carbon footprint. Many of your own staff members may be recycling in their own homes and this can lead to frustrations when they come to work to produce massive amounts of waste that is heading straight to the landfill. Encouraging recycling within your business will keep staff happier and may encourage some workers to begin to question their own carbon footprint.

Manufacturers have a duty to help keep our planet safe and healthy. All businesses should be recycling and taking a stand against unnecessary waste.