Charles "Pat" Patrick

President/CEO at Howling Lobo Consultants, LLC.

Biography & Abstract

Charles W. “Pat” Patrick is currently contracted to Republic Testing Laboratories, LLC as Director of Technical Services and is the President/CEO of Howling Lobo Consultants, LLC. His diverse professional experience spans 59 years of welding engineering and consulting both domestically and internationally, providing services related to welding, materials, and nondestructive testing for numerous industries: power generation (nuclear, fossil, hydro), oil & gas (refinery, offshore, pipeline) shipbuilding (nuclear and conventical), papermill, food processing, pharmaceutical, and aerospace. Pat has authored or co-authored technical articles, white papers, book chapters, and presented numerous technical presentations. He holds an International Patent for “Improved Welding Process,” BS from Liberty University, and actively participates in AWS, ASME, NACE, and API committees.

Low-Temperature Brittle Fracture of Steels

Steels are susceptible to brittle fractures at low temperatures if used at or below the brittle-to-ductile transition temperature combined with stress risers and tensile stress. The consequences are spontaneous and rapid crack propagation occurring suddenly and catastrophically without any warning, sometimes fracturing equipment into many pieces followed by the potential release of chemicals, toxics, or even fire and explosion. This presentation aims to provide both a historical and practical perspective associated with low-temperature brittle fractures.