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ARC-05HM HCD GMAW Welding System

Features A remote control system that couples the operator to the process Vision system displays the position of …

ARC-06B CNC PTAW Bearing Welding System

Continuous path and coordinated motion are integrated with a multi-axis manipulator and titling turntable to position the part and torch during the welding operations. It is capable of welding “journal bearings,” “thrust face,” “pin-O.D.,” and “pin end” welds.


The ARC-06S has a PMAC CNC controller, 5-axis fully-automated coordinated motion, cross slides with 94” vertical travel and 72” horizontal travel, and a cross slide mast on servo linear travel.


Computer Controlled Cross Slides Integrated Oscillator PLC Control of motion, program steps, and welding parameters Storage of 99 …

Portable Linear Welding System

The portable linear welding system works with a three-servo axis and includes adaptive wire feed control and coordinated axis motion control.  Optional: Vision system with a manual joystick.

Rapid Prototyping Robotic Plasma Welding System

This system incorporates a robotic arm that positions the part beneath the torch to complete the additive manufacturing process.

Robotic Flux Core Welding System

  • As it indexes the turntable, the robot cuts the wire in preparation for touch sensing
  • Uses touch sense to find the location of the weld on the part
  • The operator can safely load and unload parts while the robot welds
  • After a certain amount of welds, the torch cleaning station automatically cleans the torch
  • The three-step torch cleaning station reams weld spatter of the nozzle, cuts the wire to length, and applies anti-spatter inside the nozzle
  • The robot can be brought down to a comfortable working height at the touch of a button to change wire or tools
  • Because of the skid-mounted design, the machine can be quickly and easily installed and moved around any space as necessary
  • The E-stop safety design is built-in, as well as a laser detection system that protects the operator

Robotic GMAW Cell with Tilt and Rotate Positioner

This robotic welding system utilizes multiple tilt and rotate positioners to produce GMAW with a KUKA robotic arm. The system provides increased productivity, portability, and improves safety with advanced sensors.