Sand Control

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The ARC-11D Drilling Machine consists of a reinforced steel base that supports a servo-driven vertical lift bed. The lift bed supports the perforated pipe as well as a servo-driven headstock with a self-centering 3-jaw lathe chuck. Headstock centerline adjustment and pipe horizontal positioning are completely programmable and are servo-controlled for accurate drill positioning. The machine bed has an integrated coolant recovery system that runs the length of the spindles. The multi-head drilling system incorporates 36 spindles attached to a reinforced backplate.

ARC-11DB Pipe Deburring System

The automatic deburring machine consists of a base frame that contains reinforced steel to support a deburring of pipe. The deburring tool is a 45’ pipe with a wire brush or ball hone rotated by a motor that can be rotated in both directions. The deburring tool is pushed by a travel carriage along with a 45-foot rail system into the ID of the pipe. The pipe is held by pneumatic self-centering pipe clamps that can pneumatically retract for loading/unloading purposes. A PLC is utilized for the controls of the machine.

ARC-11i Sand Screen Inspection System

The ARC-11I Sand Screen Inspection System ensures precision and quality through a specially designed automated inspection process. The system rotates screen pipe on a series of motor-driven pipe rollers as a TDI Line Scan Camera travels by carriage across the extent of the inspection area. Using 3 axes of motion and an intuitive operator interface, the system can move the camera closer to the screen, focus, and inspect up to 40 feet of screen pipe. The system collects, analyzes, and archives images simultaneously in one pass to maximize efficiency.

ARC-11RC Screen Rib Cutting System

The automatic rib wire cutting machine measures and cuts rib wires to be used for making screens. The cutting machine uses a spool table with break to allow the wire to spin-off freely. The machine Utilizes a wire pull motor to assist the wire into the rollers. An encoder wheel measures the wire while coming off of the spool. A pneumatic shear cuts the wire at the programmed length. The wires then fall into a tray for the cut wire to rest in. A small control box is used to program cutting length and quantity.

ARC-11S Sand Control Screen Winder

The ARC-11S CNC Sand Screen Winder is a turnkey wire wrap screen system that uses resistance welding to produce over one hundred welds per second. CNC motion control and ARC Specialties controls ensure precision with each weld, making the system well known for manufacturing some of the highest quality sand control products available on the market.