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ARC-05HVTE Horizontal, Vertical, and Tilt Cladding System

Available in 2500lb or 6500lb capacity.

The ARC-05HVTe is an automated system that has the capability to weld in the horizontal and vertical position, or and any angle between the 0 and 90-degree positions on the ID and OD of cylindrical parts.

The ability to position part improves bead shape, weld chemistry, and improves overall ease of operation and usability of the welding process at high deposition rates.

ARC-06B CNC PTAW Bearing Welding System

Continuous path and coordinated motion are integrated with a multi-axis manipulator and titling turntable to position the part and torch during the welding operations. It is capable of welding “journal bearings,” “thrust face,” “pin-O.D.,” and “pin end” welds.

Rapid Prototyping Robotic Plasma Welding System

This system incorporates a robotic arm that positions the part beneath the torch to complete the additive manufacturing process.