ARC-05HVGT Bore Cladding System




  • Newly-designed, innovative streamline ARC 5 control unit with weld schedule storage, tri-pulse capability, 100% continuous AVC that maintains voltage while following the part, and teach & repeat programming of intersecting bores for automatic bore cladding.
  • Self-contained, plate mounted unit with up to 500 amp welding power supply,, as well as a 150 amp hot wire power supply.
  • Tilting axis allows for manipulation with a tilt angle range from 0 to 90 degrees with the precision of 0.1 degree increments.
  • Horizontal tilt mode doubles the deposition rate.
  • Heavy duty slides with 24” horizontal travel and 42” vertical travel.
  • Multiple water cooled hot wire torch configurations from ⅞” OD to 1 ½” OD bodies and lengths of up to 3 feet with fixed angle or adjustable angle heads are available.
  • Standard 36” diameter X 6,000 lbs turntable with an option of up to 48” diameter.
  • Manual slide for part loading. DC motorized automatic slide is available as an option.
  • Vision and Video Logging capabilities available as an option.