ARC-05P Manipulator Bore Cladding System




  • Standard ARC-05P+ PLC control with touch screen operator interface, weld schedule storage, AVC, and teach and repeat programming of intersecting bores for automatic bore cladding.
  • Self-contained, plate mounted unit with manual rotary base, shelf-mounted 300 amp welding power supply, as well as a 150 amp hot wire power supply.
  • Frame-mounted safety switches (disconnects) for welding power supplies and electrical control to allow easy installation and relocation within your facility.
  • Heavy-duty slides with 24” horizontal travel and 51” vertical travel (counterbalanced).
  • Standard 36” diameter X 20,000 lbs turntable with option of up to 72” diameter x 40,000 lbs as well as built-in slip ring connections for resistance heating while welding.
  • Multiple water cooled hot wire torch configurations from ⅞” OD to 1 ½” OD bodies and lengths of up to 6 feet with fixed angle or adjustable angle heads are available.
  • Full closed-loop controls
  • Semi-automatic calibrations
  • RMS value calculations and display
  • Remote diagnostics via WiFi or ethernet connection
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • English to metric conversions
  • L-frame or manipulator configuration