ARC-05PL Compact Bore Cladding System

The ARC-05PL is a compact, cost-effective design that fits cladding applications on components up to a diameter of 40 in (1.02 m) and 5,000 lb (2268 kg). It’s a lighter version of ARC-05P+.

The system still retains all the features the ARC-05P+ is renowned for such a simple operation, cutting-edge controls, high-quality precision, comprehensive data logging, and robust dependability.



  • Compact Design: The most compact system providing more welding capacity than any other compact cladding system.
  • Quick Setup: Easy-to-use, touch screen interface with 3D graphics minimizes are-off time due to setup.
  • Servo-controlled precision for torch positioning.
  • Full line of ARC Specialties GTAW torches including small-bore, oval, adjustable heads, and more.
  • Latest ARC-05P+ controls including full closed-loop control, semi-automated calibration, RMS values, and more.
  • Remote diagnostics, operation, monitoring, and maintenance via network or internet connection.