ARC-06B CNC PTAW Bearing Welding System

Continuous path and coordinated motion are integrated with a multi-axis manipulator and titling turntable to position the part and torch during the welding operations. It is capable of welding “journal bearings,” “thrust face,” “pin-O.D.,” and “pin end” welds.

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  • Capable of welding “journal bearings”, “thrust face”, “pin-O.D.”, and “ Pin end” welds.
  • Allows the programmer to control part manipulation, weld conditions, oscillation and arc length from a single program.
  • Real time display of position, weld conditions and system with real time observation (via remote camera) and position override capability.
  • Integrated Arc Voltage Control (ARC) unit provides adaptive control which maintains constant arc length over irregular parts.
  • Allows program control of all welding parameters including current, voltage, and powder feed rates.