• PMAC CNC controller
  • 4-axis fully-automated coordinated motion
  • Cross slides with 94” vertical travel and 72” horizontal travel
  • Cross slide mast on servo linear travel carriage with 120” linear travel
  • Integration of tilt & rotate positioner
  • Fully integrated, PC-based HMI with welding parameter feedback including display of slide & table position
  • HMI pendant with remote control
  • G-code programmable
  • Automated G-code program generation based on part dimensions
  • Automates scratch starts for reduced operator intervention
  • Constant surface speed welding using inverse kinematics
  • ACC torch height control
  • Torch position teach function
  • Welding parameter storage
  • Roller head submerged arc welding torch
  • 1000 amp PowerWave 1000 AC/DC power supply
  • Automated flux delivery from 300 lb pressure-fed flux tank
  • Flux hopper with vacuum recovery (Heated flux option available)