ARC-06G CNC GTAW Bore Cladder System

arc-06g_cnc_gtaw_Bore Cladder System

Turnkey Solutions Built Right

  • Rotary Torch Head servo controlled for continuous rotation.
  • Automatic Torch Centering Software.
  • Simplified operation including welding parameters, Torch position status, and English prompting for operator input.
  • Real time control of weld amps, weld volts, hotwire volts, and wire feed speed, integrated arc pulsing control, integrated Arc Voltage Control (AVC).
  • Capable of welding intersecting bores, race track configurations, seat pockets, ring grooves, upper and minor bores.
  • Column and Boom style manipulator equipped with servo motors, 96” vertical (Mast) travel (counter balanced), 60” horizontal (Boom) travel, 144” linear travel (Carriage), integrated cable track management system.
  • Integrated arc voltage control of Torch position including ramp and pulse lockout.
  • Remote diagnostics.
  • Data Logging Option.

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