ARC-10G PLC GTAW Welding Systems

arc-10g_plc_gtaw_Welding Systems
  • Computer Controlled Cross Slides
  • Integrated Oscillator
  • PLC Control of motion, program steps and welding parameters
  • Storage of 99 welding and oscillation schedules ( password protected)
  • Storage of 10 programs with 20 steps each
  • Real time overrides of weld amperage, weld volts, wire feed rate, and oscillation width
  • Manual or Automatic ARC Voltage Control (AVC)
  • Precision stepper motor drive cross slides for oscillation and torch position
  • 2 user defined inputs and outputs
  • User control of the welding process including continuous and pulse welding modes
  • Simple touch screen user interface for entering data, programming and general
  • Simplified operation including default-welding parameters, Torch position teach function, and English prompting for operator input

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