ARC-11B Pipe Belt Sanding Machine

ARC-11B Pipe Belt Sanding Machine

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The ARC-B Pipe Belt Sanding System is a programmable unit that sands oncoming pipe moved by pipe in-feed powered roller conveyor system. Over center clamp arms retain the pipe in position as it is rotated into the stationary grinder unit. An out-feed conveyor system receives pipe as it exits the sanding booth. A dust & debris collection unit captures particles from the sanding process.


  • PLC control system with touchpad
  • Swing frame abrasive belt grinder unit with 2” – 6” belt widths powered by a 15 HP motor
  • Pneumatically controlled belt force
  • Tilt arm c-frame design with idler roll & pipe capture
  • Pipe in-feed powered roller conveyor section
  • Pipe out-feed conveyor section
  • Dust & debris collection unit

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