ARC-11D Sand Control Screen Manufacturing

arc-11d_Sand Control Screen Manufacturing

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The ARC-11D Drilling Machine consists of a reinforced steel base from that supports a servo driven vertical lift bed. The lift bed supports the perforated pipe as well as a servo driven headstock with a self-centering 3-jaw lathe chuck. Headstock centerline adjustment and pipe horizontal positioning are completely programmable and are servo controlled for accurate drill positioning. The  machine bed has an integrated coolant recovery system that runs the length of the spindles. The multi-head drilling system incorporates 36 spindles attached to a reinforced back plate.


  • PLC Controls
  • Oper/ag Patterns
  • 36 Drill Spindles (Optional 72 drill bit configuration)
  • Cooling System
  • Full Length Chip Conveyor
  • Air Hydraulic Spindle Feed (Optional Servo Feed)
  • Flood Coolant for each Spindletor Pendant with LCD Color Display
  • Multiple Programmable Drillin
  • Servo Driven Lift Bed
  • Servo Driven Pipe Rotation
  • Servo Driven Pipe Shift
  • Servo Driven Lath Chuck Centerline Adjustment

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