ARC-11RC Screen Rib Cutting System

ARC-11RC Screen Rib Cutting System

Cutting Solutions Built Right

The automatic rib wire cutting machine measures and cuts rib wires to be used for making screens. The cutting machine uses a spool table with break to allow the wire to spin off freely. The machine Utilizes a wire pull motor to assist the wire into the rollers. An encoder wheel measures the wire while coming off of the spool. A pneumatic shear cuts the wire at the programmed length. The wires then fall into a tray for the cut wire to rest in. A small control box is used to program cutting length and quantity.


  • Control Box with Digital Read Out
  • Steel Frame
  • Spool with Brake
  • Wire Pull Motor/Wheels
  • Wire Straightener
  • Encoder Wheel
  • Pneumatic Scissor Cutter
  • Tray for Cut Wire
  • Equipment Guard

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