Flexfab™: Flexible Fabrication 3D Robotic Cutting System

ARC collaborated with KUKA, Hypertherm, and RobotMaster to create the FlexFab™: Flexible Fabrication 3D Robotic Plasma Cutting Cell, an integrated system that converts CAD models into a 3D plasma cut steel part, saving time and labor hours via precision control. 


First, the RobotMaster CAD/CAM software generates the robot path. Then, cutting parameters are automatically generated based on part thickness via the Hypertherm Process Selection System. And with our proprietary touch work technique, part registration is accomplished before cutting. During the actual cutting, the ARC FlexFab software maintains the optimal torch to part distance, regardless of the torch angle, eliminating the need for a dedicated torch height control axis. And all robot axes use vector torch motion perpendicular to the part-a unique capability essential in the 3D cutting of complex parts

Flexfab™ is a topic of conversation in The Roboticist Chronicles podcast episode, “A Beautiful Blend of Cutting and Motion Control Technologies.”

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