In this episode of The Roboticist Chronicles, Aaron Lloyd, Managing Attorney at Lloyd & Lorkowski, PLLC, stops by H.A.T. Studio to discuss corporate law on this installment of Dan’s Business Secrets.

I have been an entrepreneur since 1983. Historically, 90% of start-ups fail. I have yet to bankrupt one (knock on wood). People ask how I did it. So we will do a series on Dan’s Business Secrets, or Dan’s BS for short. Since I learn from others, I will have numerous guests on the podcast.

Episode 4 is about corporate law. You cannot run a business without involving a lawyer at some point. Fortunately for me, I have a great one. Aaron has agreed to be my guest on a podcast and share some of our experiences and his expertise.

During the segment, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Aaron uses what I’ve taught him on the race track in his business too. Apparently, entering a corner at over 100 MPH can teach you to plan ahead and react quickly!

“I hope you enjoy it. When you are 64 years old, I hope you will have as many good memories of struggles, successes, and failures as I have.”

– Dan Allford