Join Gary Kowalski, Senior District Manager at FANUC AMERICA, and Dan Allford, President of ARC Specialties, as they reminisce on some of their past projects. They will go over some of their failure, successes, and proudest achievements in the robotics industry.

In this episode of The Roboticist Chronicles, Dan Allford sits down with Gary Kowalski of Fanuc America. Gary Kowalski has worked in the robotics industry for over 35 years and considers himself “The Walking How It’s Made Guy.”

Dan and Gary will discuss their years of experience. The challenges they faced, their proudest and most significant failure moments. They will also share what they love about their job. You will get a bigger picture of the robotic industry and its opportunities. You will hear stories that you will not find anywhere else. 

“One thing that I really enjoy about my job is we’re helping real people, and your story was a great example. This is a real person; you get some lights out of the manufacturing, which is always cool, and you change somebody’s life. Yeah, that’s a pretty cool deal.”

-Dan Allford

In the generation of automation, students or anyone considering getting into the robotic industry can’t go wrong by choosing this industry because the demand for robots and automation will increase as we grow in technology. Working in the robotic industry is difficult and challenging. But if you are looking for a fulfilling career, then it’s a great industry to work in because you get the opportunity to work with people and make their life better.

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