In this episode of The Roboticist Chronicles, Chris Tomlinson, columnist for the Houston Chronicle, stops by H.A.T. Studio to discuss journalism on this installment of Dan’s Business Secrets.

I have been an entrepreneur since 1983. Historically, 90% of start-ups fail. I have yet to bankrupt one (knock on wood). People ask how I did it. So we will do a series on Dan’s Business Secrets, or Dan’s BS for short. Since I learn from others, I will have numerous guests on the podcast.

Episode 6 is about working with newspapers and a whole lot more. SPOILER: Newspaper reporters and commentators need stories, and entrepreneurs need visibility. It is a symbiotic relationship.

I had the good fortune of meeting Chris Tomlinson many years ago when I emailed him regarding his column in the Houston Chronicle. Since then, Chris has written several columns on ARC SpecialtiesFIRST, and the Exotic Wildlife Association, all of which are of interest to me. We share some viewpoints and disagree on others, but the world needs more civil discourse.

I think Chris has a fascinating job, and he does it well. I really enjoyed our talk and I hope you do too.

“I hope you enjoy it. When you are 64 years old, I hope you will have as many good memories of struggles, successes, and failures as I have.”

– Dan Allford