Today was Sandra Morris‘s 10th anniversary at ARC. So I had the privilege of presenting her with a 10 year Rolex watch. This was the 27th watch we have awarded. In the photo below Sandra is surrounded by 14 other 10+ year ARC veterans.

Rolex Day blog Sandra10 year employee appreciation

Sandra handles Human Resources at ARC. She and I agree that all there is in the world is people. This is what makes her job so essential to the success of ARC Specialties.

We started this tradition of celebrating 10 year anniversaries with a Rolex back in 2003 when Gary Ewing achieved this milestone.

As our company grows one of my goals is to keep the core team together. The folks that built your robot 10 years ago are probably still here and happy to help you.

Thanks to all the ARC people past present and future! We have built quite an amazing place, which Scott once called the #robotclub.

Sometimes if you combine old technology with state-of-the-art robotic motion control, you can do great things!