ARC Specialties always strives to break new ground in technology.

Below are some of ARC Specialties’ newest technologies.


ARC integrates Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in every 3D design of an ARC machine. FEA visualizations ensure proper design by eliminating unnecessary costs and weight in a machine, while maximizing the structural strength of each of the machine’s components. Using FEA methods, ARC’s mechanical design team can simulate torque, stress, and strain to verify how they are distributed amongst a part.

ARC’s FEA capability is the latest example of ARC’s dedication to designing and building robust automated systems.


Allows fabricators to cut openings to fit imperfect tubes and structural shapes.

Cut-to-FitTM Technology uses Robotic Through-the- Torch Sensing to measure the geometry of any imperfect tube or structural shape. The system then automatically generates and verifies a modified torch path to fit the measured geometry.

Within just a few minutes the robot can cut a custom fitted opening in a base plate with a plasma torch, switch to a pulsed GMAW torch at a tool changing station, then perform a full penetration, two-sided weld custom fitted to the geometry of the structural shape.

Oxygen assisted cutting immediately provides an optimum “ready to weld” surface. Through-the-Arc TrackingTM allows the torch to manipulate the weld groove to follow an inconsistent centerline. Adaptive Fill compensates for groove width variation.

Cut-to-Fit™ Technology creates perfect welds on less than perfect, “real world” parts!


Tri-Pulse™ is a specially designed waveform and the latest technology in pulsed power. Developed by ARC Specialties and made possible by Lincoln Electric’s innovative Power Wave STT, Tri-Pulse™ is one of the major keys to KLADARC’s revolutionary cladding capability. Good things happen when welding experts partner up!


Simple real-time acquisition & analysis of complex weld process variables.

Total Process Analyzer (TPA) connects to any automated welding system to provide real-time evaluations and data logging for all welding parameters. TPA combines the in depth analysis of an oscilloscope with the ease of Windows-based software, and the accuracy of modern digital signal analysis. TPA is a “must have” package that is perfect for calibration, certification, and data logging often required by critical projects. TPA also calculates true RMS values for all parameters plus deposition rate and heat input.