Custom Components


  • Hot wire Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) is a variation on standard GTAW
  • A second power supply is connected between a wire contact tube (similar to a GMA torch) and the work piece
  • The wire is fed into the weld puddle immediately behind the arc
  • Normally a AC constant voltage power supply is used. This minimizes magnetic interference (arc blow) of the main GTA arc
  • The hot wire power supply electrically resistance heats the wire before it reaches the puddle
  • This preheating allows higher deposition rates and/or lower dilution rates
  • Deposition rates up to 16 pounds per hour have been achieved in the flat position. 3 pounds per hour are typical in the 2G (horizontal) position
  • At ARC Specialties we have recently developed a solid state hot wire power supply
  • HOT-ONE is a compact unit measuring 12 x 15 x 16” weighing 95 pounds
  • Input power is 230/480 VAC single phase, 60 Hz
  • Output is 0-15 VAC constant voltage
  • Rated at 150 amps 100% duty cycle
  • Output voltage is controlled using an external 0-10 VDC signal or an optional front panel knob


  • Plasma Transferred ARC Welding and Stereolithography applications
  • Optimized for feeding problem powders such as Titanium\Typical feed range from 1/2 ounce per minute to 16 pounds per hour
  • Hopper sizes up to 70 pounds
  • Machined from a single billet
  • Unique dual bearing roller system for precise alignment & support of the metering wheel
  • Precision jack screws for wheel gap setting and adjustment
  • Precise feeding holds weld tolerances to thousandths of an inch
  • Gas feed for blanketing powder and pressurized for feed for longer horizontal applications
  • Option: variable speed motor feeds from ounces per minute to pounds per hour


  • Powered by a standard 120 VAC outlet
  • Large, bright LED display for current feed rate
  • Toggle switch for feeder speed controlled by manual pot setting or by a remote input from an external system
  • Determine ideal deposition rates for your custom powder blends
  • Accurately adjust or replicate your process parameters